UpSell Process

Looking to sell your house fast, but it needs updating? Or maybe your home needs some work before it sells, but you’re short on the cash for a remodel.

Whatever the reason, our team has been in your shoes. With more than 25 years of experience in the remodel and real estate fields, UpSell Homes’ experts live and breathe every part of the home-buying and selling process.

UpSell offers an easy, quick alternative if you’re trying to sell your house but don’t have the time, energy or funds to remodel it yourself. From home evaluation to remodeling to listing your house, we’ll handle the entire process from start to finish with our innovative remodel-lite system.

Our mission? To sell your home for more money with less hassle and less time invested on your end. You’ll walk away from the process with your house sold and thousands more in your pocket.

Sound too good to be true? Here’s how the UpSell process works:

1. Home Evaluation

An UpSell representative will evaluate your current home and map out a design plan. Our team of experts, with backgrounds in residential real estate and remodeling, is up to date on the colors, textures and design trends buyers are looking for. Plus, the demand for the quality of our houses means an easier inspection process with fewer repairs to complete before closing.

Based on the findings of our evaluation, the UpSell team will create a plan to update your home to current market design standards.

2. Pay As You Go

Next, you’ll choose when you want to pay and your form of payment.

You can either choose to pay as you go, as with a regular remodel, or you can pay at closing. You might not have a pile of cash sitting around for a remodel, and that’s okay — UpSell can unlock the potential value of your home in the form of more profit at closing. Maximize the value of your listing with no cost out of pocket — use the equity in your home to your advantage. We’ll pay for the remodel and you don’t need to pay us back until the close of sale.

3. Our Remodel-Lite Process

After your payment plan is squared, UpSell’s team will begin the remodel-lite process for your home. “Remodel-lite” means our remodeling process is speedy, efficient and not overbearing; we guarantee turnaround in three weeks or less.

You don’t need to worry about a thing during the remodel process. Our team of experts has already field-tested each design choice and knows exactly what to do to sell your home fast and for the most money. Our updates are also completed by professional contractors.

When we say, “no hassle,” we mean it — you can let UpSell handle the heavy lifting of a redesign effort.

4. List Your House and UpSell!

As the final step of the process, our UpSell real estate team will list your house. Our team of highly skilled negotiators will ensure you get the best deal possible, ultimately selling your home for higher than its initial value.

Our process is quick, but if it’s not quick enough for your timeline, we can also buy your home quick with cash.

Ready to UpSell your house?

Start exploring your options with UpSell! Enter your home address on our homepage to receive a free estimate, and we’ll get the process started. Our Net Profit Estimator predicts how much more you can expect to make when you UpSell your house versus selling it as-is. One of our consultants will then work with you to validate and present your final amount.

You shouldn’t have to sell your house for less than it’s worth — let UpSell simplify, streamline and speed up the home-selling process – leaving you with a bigger profit.