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Selling your home is quite an undertaking, even in our current seller’s market in Kansas City. You want to sell your home as quickly as possible to avoid some of the stress, but you also want to avoid lowball offers just to get it sold. Luckily, lowball offers aren’t necessarily a concern in today’s market. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t reasons to focus on increasing your home’s value for optimal selling.

To get more offers and go from Listed to Sold even faster, consider making a few upgrades to your home that will woo buyers and earn you what your home is really worth.

1. Replace Old Carpet

Unsightly stains on your outdated or worn-out carpet can be a huge turnoff to prospective buyers. Replacing old carpets instead of having them cleaned can instantly make your home look like it’s been well cared for. Plus, buyers don’t have to consider the expense of replacing the carpets themselves which can be an unnecessary headache for homebuyers especially in today’s market.

2. Paint Your Walls

Fresh paint gives any room an instant facelift. It makes the room feel clean and maintained. But, be cautious of the color you choose to use to repaint your walls. Choose neutral colors that will work with any decor and personal taste so prospective buyers can envision their own lifestyle and not be cornered into a specific style or your own personal tastes.

3. Upgrade Light Fixtures

Good lighting will always be appreciated. Aside from the benefits of upgrading your lighting to increase your home’s value and appeal to a wider range of potential buyers, doing so also livens up your photographs and videos. Replacing old or inadequate fixtures with LED energy-efficient lighting is the best move. It makes your home appear brighter and more modern and also saves money on energy bills for future homeowners.

4. Replace Hinges and Doorknobs

Squeaky hinges and stuck doorknobs can be small but powerful nuisances when it comes to appeasing potential homebuyers. Replace hinges and doorknobs for any doors — including main entrances, closets, and exterior doors — to increase your home’s functionality and ultimately your home’s resell value.

5. Choose Accent Colors for Walls, Vanities, and the Kitchen Island

Make certain features of your home pop by choosing contrasting accent colors. Some of our favorite areas of focus are accent walls, vanities, and your kitchen island. The right color scheme makes your home look professionally decorated and inspires the buyers’ own design dreams. But, don’t choose colors that are too wild, bright, or limiting as this may isolate a potential buyer.

6. Do Some Landscaping

Your home’s exterior is all about first impressions. Landscaping sets the tone for what they will find inside. A shotty, messy, or incomplete exterior speaks volumes to potential homebuyers and decreases your home’s value on curb appeal alone. At the very minimum, trim bushes and tree limbs, plant some flowers and lay mulch around the front of your home for a neat and tidy appearance. It doesn’t take much to turn an ugly exterior into something that will increase your home’s resell value.

7. Deep Clean Your Home

While buyers might not notice the dust bunnies collecting in every corner, their absence will make your home appear much brighter, cleaner, and maintained. Some buyers are more particular, but even still, it’s always beneficial to do a deep clean before opening your home for showings. Potential buyers and realtors appreciate this extra step all the same.

8. Upgrade Faucets

Older faucets can make a home look dated. Even if they still work, you might consider replacing faucets in favor of water-saving technology, modern finishes and features, and easier maintenance and operation.

9. Make Necessary Bathroom Repairs

Bathrooms and kitchens can make or break a home sale. If you have leaky faucets, mold, broken tiles, noisy fans, or a running toilet, these things should be fixed before buyers see your home.

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