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Getting multiple offers on your home is a good thing — usually. But not all home buyers are created equal, especially in a hot market like Kansas City. 

Selling a home is a lot like matchmaking, for buyers and sellers alike. You not only want a fair offer for your home, but you also want a buyer who won’t nitpick over the details and will follow through with the sale without renegotiating after the home inspection or backing out of their contract altogether. 

Creating this perfect match between buyer and seller is easier to achieve when you work with the right real estate agent. Here’s how you can find the right home buyer when you have more than one buyer to choose from:

Consider Profit Over Price

When you get an offer on your home, it’s only natural to look at the price itself before anything else. But be careful not to take offers at face value. The offered price is not what will end up in your pocket, in most cases.

You will also need to take into account what else buyers are asking for in the sales agreement. For example, do they want you to spend money fixing certain things, painting, or replacing the carpets? These expenses can lower the profit you stand to gain from the sale. 

Also, are the buyers asking for help with closing costs? How much commission will you need to pay their agent? Because each offer is unique, you should focus on profit over price. A lower offer could actually mean more profit if the buyer is willing to take the home as-is and pay for closing costs and other expenses. 

Think About Your Timeline

The more concessions a buyer makes, the harder it will be for you to sell your home. Making repairs and upgrades to the home take time and money. Plus, if you have to wait for your buyer to sell their home first before they can move forward with the sale of your home, you’re looking at an undetermined amount of time you will stay in your home. 

This can put a huge damper on your plans if you need to get out of your home. Maybe you’ve put an offer in on another home, or maybe you’re moving to a new city for a new job and need to sell quickly. Your priorities will help you identify the best offer even if it’s not the highest one.

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