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Kansas City has all the big city amenities that are beloved throughout the US, from restaurants and nightlife to economic promise. Whether you’re a longtime Kansas City resident or a new transplant, though, if you’re raising a family, there are unique factors to consider such as school districts, safety, family-friendly entertainment, and more. If you’re on the hunt for your family’s new home, check out these best Kansas City neighborhoods for families.

Old Leawood, KS

Leawood is a quaint suburb of Kansas City, about ten miles southwest of downtown. With a population of about 35,000, Leawood has all the amenities you might want on a daily basis, making it a community of its own, even with the bustling city nearby. 

Beverly Estates, KS

Beverly Estates is a neighborhood in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park — a suburb that was recently named the best place to raise a family in the US. With excellent public schools and high homeownership rates, Beverly Estates is a perfect family environment.

Raintree Lake, MO

Located in Lee’s Summit, southwest of Kansas City, Raintree Lake is a community of about 2,000 families surrounding a beautiful lake. It’s the ideal setting for summer family fun.

Cherry Hill Estates, KS

Nestled in Overland Park, Cherry Hill Estates is a small family community. It’s perfect for families who love the outdoors thanks to its close proximity to Roe Park, Nail Park, and Linwood Park within mere blocks.

Mission Lake, MO

If you prefer a quieter neighborhood further from the bright lights of Kansas City, Mission Lake could be your next home. This small community is known for its welcoming amenities and affordable housing.

Weatherby Lake, MO

The community of Weatherby Lake is located in northwestern Kansas City, and it surrounds a serene lake that binds the family-friendly neighborhood. The nearby shopping at Boardwalk Square and its surrounding retail area add convenience to the mix too.

Falcon Ridge, KS

As a safe and welcoming neighborhood in the town of Lenexa, Falcon Ridge is located southwest of Kansas City. The high-income neighborhood is considered one of the most upscale areas in the Kansas City suburbs, and its proximity to the Falcon Valley Golf Club makes it perfect for golfers.

Lakewood, MO

The gorgeous Lakewood neighborhood surrounds two stunning lakes. Split between the Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs school district, the size of the Lakewood planned community offers the ultimate in choice and variety for your family.

Gardner, KS

Gardner is one of the further suburbs of Kansas City, located southwest of the city off of Interstate 35. With a population of just over 21,000 and a median age of about 30 years old, Gardner is a popular area for young and growing families.

West Plaza, MO

If you prefer to raise your family in the heart of Kansas City, West Plaza is the perfect neighborhood. South of Downtown, West Plaza is home to plenty of local treasures as well as attractions like Cancer Survivors Park and Westwood Park.

Finding Your New Home

Kansas City is full of potential, but finding your family’s next home is an important decision to make. The best Kansas City neighborhoods for families above can help you narrow your decision and start finding your dream home. For help with that part of the process, contact our real estate team today.